Harnessing AI to Tackle India’s Legal Backlogs

Use of AI

The Indian government is working on harnessing AI to tackle consumer court case backlogs. How will this new technology work?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is bringing exciting changes to various aspects of our society. It is not just limited to one field; AI is positively impacting healthcare, education, finance, art, and many other areas. 

In industries, automated and intelligent systems are increasing production quality. Smart devices and applications are making our daily interactions smoother and more convenient. 

AI is continuously making our lives easier with its wide-ranging applications.

Now, here is an interesting development: AI is also finding its way into court cases. The Government of India is actively exploring the use of AI to reduce the backlog of pending cases in various consumer courts across the country. This innovative application of AI has the potential to bring efficiency and effectiveness to the legal system, ultimately benefiting citizens and improving access to justice.

What’s Happening?

The issue of pending cases is a significant concern in India’s legal system. The Indian government is actively working to address this problem, and the use of AI is a crucial step in that direction. 

According to the news agency PTI, on September 19, 2023, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs shared that AI’s capabilities can be vital in reducing the backlog of cases in national, state, and district consumer commissions. They are actively working on implementing AI for this purpose. 

The ministry plans to use AI to analyse cases filed in consumer commissions and generate summaries to facilitate the resolution process.

Additionally, the ministry reported that in August, the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) successfully resolved 854 cases, marking the highest number for this year. The ministry attributed this achievement to the proactive measures taken by the commission, streamlined processes, and the use of advanced technology such as e-returns, which have helped in the disposal of cases faster than before.

How Can AI Help in Settling Pending Cases?

AI can understand and assess the specific attributes of a case by examining datasets. This enables it to identify cases that can be resolved swiftly and those that may require more time.

AI has the capability to offer legal recommendations tailored to a particular case. It can also oversee the status of data security, contributing to safeguarding the data necessary for individual cases.

Furthermore, AI can record the entire hearing process while enhancing transparency within the judicial system. Using AI can significantly save both time and resources in legal proceedings.

Growing Influence of AI and the Tech Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has indeed brought a wave of improvements in efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness across various industries. Its capabilities span from automation to generating new effects within specified timeframes. 

Moreover, AI has enabled companies to collect, process, and analyse larger amounts of data faster.

As reported by the Times of India, this technological advancement has significantly benefited tech companies, enabling them to offer services to their customers more efficiently than ever before. 

AI has also proven to be a superior alternative to labour-intensive manual processes, saving time and resources. 

What’s Next?

After the implementation of AI, the backlog of pending cases in consumer courts is likely to reduce. According to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, they are actively exploring further steps to leverage AI for quick case resolutions.

As reported by the Times of India, the positive impact of AI on the tech industry has ignited new hopes and possibilities. AI has the potential to propel India towards prosperity, economic development, and significant social and economic improvements. Its transformative capabilities pave the way for a brighter future in various aspects of Indian society and the economy.

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