How Should You Approach the Market Now?

Global stocks have endured bruising weeks. Investors are flocking from risk assets to safe-havens. Should you do the same? Let’s read more on this.
How Should You Approach the Market Now?

What’s Happening?

Two years ago, the only reason behind the market crash was – the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this time there’s a long list of intertwining factors – high inflation, supply chain problems, Ukraine-Russia war, rise in infections in China and most importantly, interest rate hikes by global central banks. Anybody would panic looking at the pile of global economic problems. How will one make money amidst so much fear? You can. Like Warren Buffett says, “Be greedy when others are fearful and be fearful when others are greedy”. That’s what needs to be done now.

After a substantial global rally post-pandemic, the markets needed a correction phase. Times like these are opportunities to buy your favourite companies at a fair price. If your investment aim remains the same, it’s only logical to stockpile fundamentally strong companies right now. Exiting the market now would mean huge losses to you.

How To Buy The Dip?

Buying a dip allows investors to purchase shares at lower prices. There is also the opportunity of buying shares that have been oversold in the herd mentality rush to offload stock. While you are buying, make sure to diversify your investments. Hold a mix of stocks, bonds, gold and cash. You might be tempted to buy more stocks, but that could alter your holdings. Keep your portfolio lean.

What Lies Ahead?

Most economists don’t forecast a recession yet but acknowledge that valuations are still not cheap. Therefore, the momentum could continue to remain negative. The current economic regime is attractive for long-term investors.

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