What Does Infosys Have to Say About Moonlighting?

What Infosys Has to Say About Moonlighting?

Moonlighting – the term which awakened the entire IT industry is back with a bang! After Wipro, Infosys has now addressed the issue. Let’s explore more in the story!

What’s Happening?

Recently, while announcing Q2FY23 results, Infosys stated that it had fired 300 employees who were discovered to be working for competitors. This is quite similar to Wipro; back in September, they also fired 300 employees who were found moonlighting. 

But Why Do Employees Moonlight?

Well, a few claim that they get to earn some extra money. In contrast, others argue that their job roles are restricted to a particular task which hampers their learning and skill set. This is where Infosys has found a pathway to help its employees learn and engage in work beyond their regular jobs.

The New Pathway

Mr Salil Parekh, CEO of Infosys Limited, said that the company does not support dual employment. But they support gig-based projects to help their employees learn beyond work. Before taking up these projects, the manager’s approval is a must.

But, these gig projects must ensure that contractual and confidential commitments remain intact. 

The company has a platform called’ Accelerate’ to encourage its employees to learn and engage in work beyond their regular jobs. This platform has small tasks posted by managers which can be taken up by employees who want to utilise their free time.

The company also has been working on developing more comprehensive policies. 

View of Other IT Giants on Moonlighting

The four IT majors – Wipro, Infosys, TCS and HCL Tech, have opposed moonlighting. But Infosys is not alone, as Wipro has also joined the path. 

In an interview, Wipro Chief Executive Officer Thierry Delaporte said, “We’re perfectly fine with someone having a little side job here and there. It’s different if you work for a company in our environment.”

What’s Next?

Employers are worried that moonlighting puts loyalty at stake in the current situation. Hence, platforms like Accelerate are great for employees who wish to learn and hone their skills. The completed tasks are highlighted in the employees’ profiles and reviewed during evaluation. Hence, you will undoubtedly get a better appraisal and new learning opportunities as an employee. 

CNBC-TV18 mentioned in a report that internal gigs also provide extra income in some cases where companies pay money for additional projects, depending on the time dedicated. 

If IT companies develop more such initiatives, they would surely be able to eliminate the issue of moonlighting.

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