What Does the Teji Mandi App Offer?

Teji Mandi App

Learn what Teji Mandi offers and how we help you achieve financial freedom.

About Teji Mandi

We wanted to create a platform that offers investors stock portfolios and makes it extremely easy and accessible for them to opt-in and invest in the stock market.

As investors, we are familiar with the challenges and hassles of investing in the market by ourselves. The markets are difficult to navigate, from analysing which stocks to buy to evaluating when to sell.

This is why Teji Mandi offers portfolios that not only help you invest in the stock market without the need for research but also assist you in protecting your investments by having a dedicated team that monitors the companies in your portfolio.

What Do We Have to Offer?

  • Actively managed equity portfolios
  • Investment team with decades of experience
  • Regular rebalance updates
  • Fixed fee subscription starting at ₹99/mo.
  • No commissions or hidden fees

We have also removed various impediments to streamline your experience better. These are:

  • Direct interaction with the leading brokers in India
  • Buy, sell, and rebalance with ease
  • No charges for rebalancing updates (broker charges may apply)

We also offer several other features to make our investors more aware of our portfolio management and the stock markets in general by providing:

  • The reasoning behind all of our stock entries and exits
  • Market and portfolio updates every week
  • Exclusive webinars

Please remember that all of the following benefits are available regardless of the portfolio you choose or the length of your subscription.

What’s Next?

Beginning your investment journey with us is extremely simple. Simply subscribe to one of our portfolios and start investing! My team will send an update for your portfolio when required.

💡 If you want to know more about our portfolios in detail, check this article: What is the Strategy Behind the Teji Mandi Portfolios?

Teji Mandi Multiplier Portfolio of high quality companies that blends shorter term tactical bets with long term winners Subscription Fee
Min. Investment
Teji Mandi Multiplier Portfolio

Teji Mandi Multiplier

Concentrated portfolio of fundamentally strong small & midcap stocks that are likely to show potential growth.


Min. Investment

Subscription Fee

Teji Mandi Flagship A basket of 15-20 long-term and tactical stocks that we regularly rebalance to adjust to the market conditions. Subscription Fee
Min. Investment
Teji mandi Flagship portfolio

Teji Mandi Flagship

A Multi-Cap portfolio of 15-20 stocks that consists of tactical bets and long-term winners that generate index-beating returns.


Min. Investment

Subscription Fee

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