Welcome to Teji Mandi’s Refer & Earn Program! Here, we have outlined the essential rules and regulations to ensure a smooth and compliant referral experience for everyone involved. Please read these terms carefully.
Referral Reward
When you refer a friend to the Teji Mandi App, both you and your friend get rewarded:
  • You, as the referrer, earn ₹300 as a referral reward.
  • Your friend, the referee, receives ₹300 cashback in their Teji Mandi account upon successful subscription.
Active Subscription Requirement
To join the Refer & Earn program, you must have an active subscription with Teji Mandi.
Eligible Plans
This offer is exclusive to 1-year subscription plans within the Flagship and Multiplier portfolios.
Referral Limit
You can refer a maximum of 10 friends during your time as a Teji Mandi user.
Limited-Time Offer
Please note that this program is designed for first-time subscribers and does not apply to subscription renewals.
Teji Mandi’s Rights
Teji Mandi reserves the right to modify, withdraw, or temporarily suspend the Refer & Earn policy at its discretion.
Misuse Warning
We have the authority to disallow cashback rewards and cancel subscriptions if we detect any misuse of the referral code.

Referral Partner (Referee) – Terms and Conditions

Registration and Accurate Information Referral Partners must provide accurate personal information during registration.
Due Diligence
We may conduct due diligence on Referral Partners to assess how investors are referred.
Prohibition of Financial Advice
Referral Partners are strictly prohibited from offering financial advice to prospective investors. We value integrity, dignity, fairness, ethics, and professionalism when referring potential investors to Teji Mandi.
Independent Capacity
By referring investors or being a part of the referral program, the Referral Partner does not become an employee, agent, associate or representative of Teji Mandi. Referral Partners can recommend potential investors in their individual capacity.
Liability Disclaimer
Teji Mandi disclaims any liability for losses incurred by Referral Partners or prospective investors while investing in the Teji Mandi Portfolio.
Referral Partners are obligated to indemnify Teji Mandi for any loss or damage incurred due to a breach of these terms and conditions.
Duplicate PAN Registration
Referral Partners will not be eligible for rewards if a registering user’s PAN is already registered on Teji Mandi. Please note that these terms and conditions are legally binding and must be adhered to by all Refer & Earn program participants. By participating, you agree to abide by these rules, and any violation may result in the forfeiture of rewards, the termination of your subscription or legal actions. If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact us at [email protected].