7 Ways To Save and Invest More in 2022!

The year 2021, was full of surprises and shocks. For some, this year gave them everything they wanted to achieve, while for others, the year wasn’t that great. From an investing standpoint, the stock markets experienced a record bull run with a pinch of volatility, making investors happy.
7 Ways To Save and Invest More in 2022!

As we welcome 2022 with open arms, here are 7 investing goals to achieve in the new year:

Pay Off Debt

If you have resorted to debts/credit cards in the past and have any amount outstanding, it should be your first goal in the new year to repay all of them. Taking loans will put you in a vicious cycle of paying EMIs from which escaping gets difficult as time passes. Hence, pay off your loans and start paying positive EMIs (starting investments via SIPs). 

Segregate Goals According to Tenure

While making investments, it is better to segregate them according to your goals such as short, medium, and long-term. This will help you in deciding the right investment avenues for each tenure. For instance, short-term goals can be fulfilled by investing in debt instruments, whereas investments for the longest terms can be channelled to equities, as temporary declines in stocks in the near term won’t affect your goal. 

Stay Away From ‘Fancy’ Investments

In this era, everyone is running behind ‘fancy’ investments like cryptocurrencies. You should not get swayed by these themes and refrain from investing in them. The primary reason for this is that these are unregulated investment avenues. And their prices are easily manipulated by several influential people and the fundamentals of the basis of their pricing are also not yet clear. Keeping it simple is the key! 

Aim for Financial Independence 

If you are young, you should aim to get a step closer to achieving financial independence this new year. Financial independence is a state where an individual no longer needs to worry about his/her expenses. Passive income from investments is enough to take care of the monthly expenses. It is a state where one is free to willingly work and pursue various hobbies. 

Do Not Buy Stocks Only Based on Price

One of the most severe mistakes that investors do is to trade stocks solely based on price. This is more prevalent with penny stocks where investors tend to buy a particular stock just because its price is quoting in single digits. But one aspect everyone seems to forget is that 100% capital will be lost whether a Rs 5 share or a Rs 200 share goes to 0! Hence trading stocks based only on price is a dangerous mistake. 

Never Stop Learning

The stock market is an avenue that requires no qualification or degree. But here, you must never stop learning. The day you stop learning is the day you stop growing. To let your thought process evolve each day, reading or viewing credible stock market resources should be done on a continuous basis. A more difficult thing is to unlearn old things but relearn the new ones.

Do Not Try To Make Quick Money

The year 2021 in the stock markets has seen a record bull run. And due to this, many newbie investors have jumped into the sea in hope of making some quick bucks. One thing you as an investor should know is that there is no easy money to be made in the stock markets. ‘The stock market is a machine to transfer money from the impatient to the patient’, says Warren Buffett.

These are the investing goals you should aim to achieve in 2022! Determine your investment objectives as early as possible in life, as hesitating might lead to issues that are difficult or impossible to solve.

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