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Teji Mandi Smallcase

What is Smallcase?

Smallcases incorporate a portfolio-driven approach to investing. After you make a purchase, individual stock units are deposited to your Demat account. Contrary to a mutual fund, you only have access to the aggregated fund, not the underlying companies.
This also implies that when you invest in a smallcase, you automatically own a portion of each stock in the chosen smallcase and are entitled to dividends and other shareholder rights.
According to the RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) managing the portfolio, different smallcases have varied fee rates, and investing in them may cost about the same as investing in mutual funds. Exit loads aren’t imposed on smallcase redemptions, though. The same fees that apply to stock trading also apply to smallcases.
Smallcases have no concept of lock-in periods, making them similar to liquid stock. They are a type of investing that provides more flexibility and variety while remaining liquid. Investors can withdraw at any moment without losing their entire investment if things don’t turn out as expected because there are no lock-in periods. Getting the services of a qualified RIA for the fees of a mutual fund investment is another significant benefit of smallcases.
Smallcases make it simple to purchase thematic investments; rather than buying each company’s share individually, you may invest in a topic or idea as a package, such as investing in IT, pharmacy or businesses gaining from expanding rural consumerism.
For those who wish to diversify their finances without taking on too much risk, smallcases are the ideal choice. They offer reasonable investment solutions that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, with minimum investment amounts and broad theme-based asset classes!

Why Invest with Teji Mandi

Invest in expert managed portfolios
Invest in Expert Managed Portfolios
Regular Review of the Portfolio
Regular Review of the Portfolio
Regular Portfolio Rebalance Update
Regular Portfolio Rebalance Update
Affordable Advisory Fees Start From 99/- Month
Pocket Friendly Charges Start From 99/- Month

How to Invest with Teji Mandi

Invest in tailor made portfolio

Invest in tailor-made portfolio​

Teji Mandi experts will create a portfolio just for you based on your risk level​

Execute regular rebalance

Execute regular rebalance​

Get rebalance update on teji mandi app and approve and execute the actions

Invest regularly with SIP

Invest regularly with SIP or LumpSum

Keep investing and watch your wealth grow. Its that easy.

Build your long term portfolio with Teji Mandi smallcases

Min. Investment
Subscription Fee
Min. Investment
Subscription Fee



  • What is a smallcase?
    The term ‘Smallcase’ is synonymous with a company of the same name. It uses the RIA model for investing and is modelled around legacy portfolio management strategies that have so far been reserved for large investors. In simple terms, ‘Smallcase’ refers to a collection of a group of stocks based on a certain sector, technology or theme that SEBI-approved fund managers manage. No lock-in periods, affordable investment options, theme-based asset classes etc., are some of the features of Smallcase.
  • What is Smallcase vs Mutual Fund
    Smallcases come with no lock-in periods, while mutual funds require you to lock-in your money for a considerable amount of time. Moreover, the charges associated with mutual funds are higher.
  • What is Smallcase vs Direct Stock Investment
    Smallcase is an online investment platform that allows you to invest in a basket of stocks and ETFs curated by experts. It is different from traditional asset allocation structures as it offers a more diversified and cost-effective way to invest in the equity markets.
  • Do you get more rebalancing of Teji Mandi portfolio on smallcase?
    No. Rebalancing the Teji Mandi portfolio on the app and smallcase is done simultaneously.
  • What are the differences between Free vs Paid Smallcases?
    While some Smallcase is free, some have subscription fees attached for use. Paid smallcases, also known as fee-based smallcases, are portfolios curated by SEBI-registered experts and provide a detailed view of constituents. The respective smallcase managers charge the fee, which may vary as per the services offered. With paid smallcases, investors get the benefits of research and other services, including periodic rebalance updates, SIP, tracking the portfolio etc.
  • How is Teji Mandi different from other managers on smallcase?
    Our USPs that give an edge to other managers on Smallcase include:
    • We are a subsidiary of Motilal Oswal.
    • Our portfolios – Flagship and Multiplier – are curated and actively managed by a team of experts.
    • As of August 5, Teji Mandi Flagship portfolio delivered an annual CAGR of 35.94%. While Teji Mandi Multiplier portfolio delivered an annual CAGR of 51.14%.
    • We share timely rebalance updates and also the rationale behind each stock picking.
    • A subscription model with fixed fees and no hidden charges.
    • Track your portfolio in an easy-to-use app in just a few clicks.
    • Pocket Friendly Charges, starting at Rs 99 per month.
    • We also offer a jargon-free daily newsletter to make you a better investor.
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