Refer friends to Teji Mandi and earn cashback

Refer and Earn

Earn ₹300 on every referred friend’s subscription.

How 'Refer & Earn' Works?

Refer your friend to the Teji Mandi app and earn ₹300. Your friend will also get ₹300 cashback in his/her account after subscribing.

Refer as many friends as you like.

Refer a Friend

Refer a friend by tapping the Gift icon 🎁 on the home screen

Download the app

Once your friend downloads and uses your referral code to subscribe, both of you become eligible for ₹300 cashback

And Earn!

If we have your UPI information, we will issue you the cashback directly. Otherwise, you can tap on ‘Withdraw’ on the referral screen to earn your payout.

Terms & Conditions

This is a limited time offer and applicable only for first-time subscriptions. Referral codes are not applicable for renewals. Teji Mandi reserves the right to disallow the cashback and cancel the subscription if the subscriber is found to misuse the referral code.


Tap on the Gift Icon in the app and tap on invite. It will open a share sheet on the app. You will be able select a channel to share the invite with your friends. In the message, the refcode will be clearly mentioned.

As soon as your friend uses your refcode and completes the payment for Teji Mandi, both of you will become eligibly for a Rs 300 cashback. We will inform you by email and push notification when this happens. If we have your UPI info on file, we will directly issue the cashback to your account. In case UPI fails or your bank account info is not available with us, the app has a Withdraw option which allows you to enter your account details to get the cashback.

No, you cannot reuse a code with your account and cannot get a cashback on renewal. However, your code can be used by any number of new members subscribing to the app for the first time.

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