Refer friends to Teji Mandi and earn cashback

Refer and Earn

Refer a friend and receive ₹300 when they subscribe.

How 'Refer & Earn' Works?

It’s simple – Refer your friend to the Teji Mandi app and earn ₹300 as a referral reward. Your friend will also get ₹300 cashback upon successful subscription.

Refer a Friend

Start by tapping the gift icon ‘🎁’ on the home screen of the Teji Mandi app

Share the app with your friend

Once your friend downloads the app and uses your referral code to subscribe, both of you become eligible for a ₹300 cashback!

And Earn!

We will issue you the cashback directly if we have your UPI information. Otherwise, you can tap on ‘Withdraw’ on the referral screen to earn your payout

Terms & Conditions

This limited-time offer is designed for first-time subscribers and does not apply to subscription renewals. Teji Mandi holds the authority to disallow cashback rewards and cancel subscriptions if we detect any misuse of the referral code. Teji Mandi also reserves the right to modify, withdraw, or temporarily suspend the Refer & Earn policy at its discretion. Referral Legal T&C

Frequently Asked Questions

Tap on the Gift Icon in the Teji Mandi app, select ‘invite,’ and share away. Your referral code will be included in the message.
Once your friend uses your referral code and completes the payment, both of you will be eligible for ₹300 cashback. We’ll notify you through email and push notifications. If we have your UPI information, the cashback will be directly issued to your account. Otherwise, use the ‘Withdraw’ option to input your account details.
Sorry, but referral codes can’t be reused for renewals. However, they can be used by new members subscribing to the app for the first time.

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