Euphoria of Digital Healthcare Catches Heat

The COVID-19 pandemic taught us many meaningful lessons, and one of them is that digital services will be the future of every sector. Today all new and robust business models are powered by technology. Let’s read into this space!
Euphoria of Digital Healthcare Catches Heat

What’s Happening?

India’s digital healthcare is booming. What did not happen in 10 years took place in just a year. The healthcare sector is undertaking a digital makeover. A host of digital healthcare companies offer services from diagnostics to doctor consultations. People can book any service at their fingertips.

Tier-1 cities offer the best healthcare services. Thanks to digital advancement, patients don’t have to travel to cities for better services. For instance, diabetic patients pay monthly visits to their doctor, but they can get consultation and medication done online today. Care bots are also trending these days. Patients can check symptoms and connect with doctors for diagnostics and consultation. This has reduced the load on the front desk staff and clinical staff.

What’s Trending?

Digital healthcare is changing the business models of many hospitals. Right now, it’s an underpenetrated market. Various healthcare startups are making headway in this direction by providing patient-centric care at the comfort of their homes with the help of technology. It is now possible to monitor a person’s condition at home and provide treatment therein.

One of the leading companies in this space is PharmEasy and it launching its IPO soon. Another firm named MediBuddy recently raised $125 million to expand its operations. The company provides access to doctors via video calls, at-home lab tests, medicine delivery, mental health support and integrated healthcare services.

What Lies Ahead?

Digital healthcare is the future. It will reduce the possibility of errors and improve decision making. Artificial intelligence in healthcare is rapidly growing at a rate of about 40%. Niramai,, HealthifyMe, PharmEasy are all at the forefront of a digital healthcare revolution.


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