Applying Behavioural Finance for Financial Success!

Behavioral finance

Explore a few practical steps to apply behavioural finance tips while investing.

In the world of finance, making wise decisions can often feel as if you are untangling your wired earphone! At first, you believe you are taking the right steps to unravel the knots, only to find yourself in a web of financial mishaps. 

But wait! You are not the only one who has been through this. In fact, this is something we all have experienced, and the real culprit is none other than our emotional self, because of which we make mistakes. Hence, it is crucial to understand the intricate relationship between our minds and our money. That’s where behavioural finance steps in. 

A Gist of Behavioural Finance

Behavioural finance is like being on a thrilling roller coaster ride where our emotions take control of the wheel. In the everyday world, we would think that we always make rational decisions. But, in hindsight, our choices are often influenced by psychological biases. These biases can trick us, cloud our judgment, and steer us from making sound financial choices.

For example, while investing, there are times when you would make profits or losses. This is a part of the game. But, have you ever found yourself fearing the thought of making a loss? Do you feel the pain of losing much more strongly than the happiness of making a profit? If yes, then this emotional situation is what we call loss aversion or fear of loss. You may become so focused on avoiding losses that you miss out on potential gains or good opportunities. 

Similarly, another behavioural bias is confirmation bias, which we discussed a few weeks back. Here you follow the information that aligns with our existing beliefs, creating an echo in your head that you are correct. These preconceived notions prevent you from adapting to new perspectives.

All of this can be detrimental to your financial health. 

So, here is what you must do. 

How to Apply Behavioural Finance Principles While Investing?

Self Awareness

To overcome financial biases, you must first acknowledge them. This includes becoming self-aware. Firstly, you must reflect on your financial decision-making to remove yourself from the fog of emotional biases. 

If you are good at something, let’s say, analysing undervalued stocks or finding the right opportunities to enter the market. If your conception is consecutively going wrong, ask yourself if you are overly confident with your abilities. 

Clear your mind and reflect on it. This will help you recognise these biases, and you can consciously work towards overcoming them.

Implementing Behavioural Finance Strategies

Once you reflect on and recognise your biases, the next step is to strategise to outsmart them. So, begin with setting clear financial goals that align with your values. When you have a destination in mind, resisting sudden temptations and staying on track becomes easier. 

Building Financial Resilience

In the unpredictable path of investing, you may come across several emotional rollercoasters even if you have reflected on them and created strategies to control them. Humans can never let go of our emotional selves, after all. 

So, the volatility of the markets can trigger panic and push you to make impulsive decisions, leading to unnecessary losses. We can control and not eradicate our emotional decisions by understanding our biases. But with constant practice, you will attain financial resilience.

Also, always remember that diversification is necessary to safeguard your portfolio from unnecessary shocks. It’s like having multiple safety nets. It spreads risk across different assets, shielding you from the worst impacts of a single investment’s downturn. 

Moreover, training yourself to adopt a long-term mindset helps weather short-term storms. Rather than rushing to pick quick gains, focus on the bigger picture and allow time to work its magic.

Use Tools

In this digital age, you can do almost everything with the help of a tool, be it budgeting or tracking your goals. These tools will remind you that you have a mission to accomplish, and you will not lose your focus. 

But remember, tools will just aid in the process. But true achievement lies in diligent efforts.

To conclude, you can seize control of your financial destiny by maintaining discipline. So, step into the world of behavioural finance, harness its power, and unlock a brighter financial future. 


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